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Touted as “Guilty Gear’s successor”, BlazBlue is a new upcoming 2D Fighting game from Arc System Works’.

” The God of Death Bearing his Fangs at the Control System
Ragna the Bloodedge (CV: Tomokazu Sugita)

The almighty force managing the “Operation”, in order to obtain absolute power over the world, is this man who has rebelled against the “Earth and Space Information Control System” (hereafter referred to as the “Control System”). Known as the “God of Death”, a bounty for his elimination has been placed in all the regions populated with branches of the Control System. In game, his tactics revolve around using his power and large sword to keep pressure on his opponents. As for his special abilities, he is able to absorb his opponent’s physical strength by using “Soul Eater”.

The Champion Overflowing with Talent
Jin Kisaragi (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

From a prestigous family, this man is a retainer of the Control System’s Kisaragi house. His class is Major. In the past, he had a distinguished military record during the “Ikaruga Civil War” that broke out, and was promoted to the position of Division Commander at an exceptionally young age. He is always cool and calm, though he is a deeply jealous, ambitious, and possessive person, with little care for others. In game, he uses various swordplay techniques in addition to his unique ability, “Reikou (Zero Sword)” which can be used to freeze his opponents (Frostbite).

Noel Vermillion (CV: Kondou Kanako)

Because of her outstanding combat ability and suitable operation evaluations, she was selected to be Jin Kisaragi’s direct subordinate in her youth. The two were acquaintances in officer’s academy, though Noel thought Jin was extremely weak. However, on a certain mission handed down from the Control System, her preconceptions were changed. In game, she is able to quickly unleash tricky attacks with her two guns, which can be continually added to.

System: The game uses a four button system, with three attack buttons (weak, medium, and strong), and an EX button used for unique character abilities.

Guages: There are two types of guages, a Heat Guage and a Barrier Guage. The Heat Guage deals with offense, while the Barrier Guage deals with defense. I’m not sure, but I think they plan on making the game more balanced between defense and offence, as opposed to Guilty Gear which was more focused on just offence.

Setting: It’s December 2199 A.D., and a terrible man with a bounty on his head (Ragna) has arrived in a Class 13 Municipal District… or something like that. I’m kinda confused as to what exactly is going on.


Ragna the Bloodedge is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (who voiced That Man in GG2). He’s a bounty mark (I’m not sure the proper terminology of someone with a bounty on their head) known as the “Shinigami/God of Death/Reaper”, and is a balanced character with an emphasis on power, weilding a huge sword in one hand, much like Sol. His unique EX ability is called “Soul Eater”, which can be used to drain physical strength from his opponent.

Jin Kisaragi is voiced by Kakihara Tetsuya, and fights with a sword and has a lot of anti-air attacks, and will probably fight sorta like Ky. His EX ability is called “Reitou (Zero Sword)” and causes the “Frostbite” effect, freezing the enemy. His personality is described as being deeply ambituous, jealous, and that he is cold and indifferent to other people (IE the standard dickhead rival archetype).

Noel Vermillion is voiced by Kondou Kanako and fights using two guns and has special moves that involve shooting and have invincibility times (Gun Kata Style). Her EX ability is called “Chain Revolver”, and works by pressing the joystick along with the EX button. She seems to be a subordinate of Jin. She may be a nod to the Toshinden character Vermillion, who also fought using two guns.”


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